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The College of Life Sciences was established in 1989 which is the most integrated institution focused on the study of biotechnology and bioscience in aquatic animals in Taiwan. Until 2019, the college contains three departments including Department of Food Science, Department of Aquaculture and Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, two graduate institutes including Institute of Marine Biology, Institute of Food Safety and Risk Management, and two programs with Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology and Bachelor Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology. The College provides Biotechnology Education and Research Center, Terrestrial Animal Experimental Center, Aquatic Animal Experiment Center, and Center for Electron Microscopy. The College operates industrial service units such as Food Industry Research and Service Center, and Traceability Certification and Inspection Center. The College organizes the “Fisheries Extension Committee” for promoting the fishery and implementing some training program to fishermen, the important contact information to academics, industry, fishery association and also fishermen.