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Bachelor Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology


  1. We created the Matzu campus for improving the welfare of Matzu’s residents to have a better education system.
  2. We expected the graduate talents trained by the program with widely and highly knowledge in marine biotechnology industry. The talents emerge in the job market and play an important role in marine biotechnology field. 
  3. The glorious tradition of marine biotechnology could pass down to train specialists and scientists in the field of marine biotechnology, aquaculture and food science while they could connect with international marine biotechnology field.

Educational Goals

To cultivate talents to have five core abilities: (1) The basic theory in professional and analysis capacity, (2) The development of an international perspective, (3) Empirical Study and practical in marine biotechnology research, (4) The planning and organization for marine biological policy and industry, (5) Strong employability, learning abilities, self-motivation for marine-related industries.


Address: No.2, Beining Rd., Jhongjheng District, Keelung City 20224, Taiwan
Bachelor Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology
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