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Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology


Since August of 2014, the Department of Life Sciences and the Institute of Biotechnology were merged into the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology. Through the integration of the department, the university will be re-constructed into the biotechnology coherence course from the bachelor to the master's and doctoral programs in order to provide the needs of the social environment and industry. In the future, the department will maintain the best traditions, for example strengthen the basic knowledge of students, especially the application of marine biotechnology industry, promote student industry internships and teacher’s industry cooperation projects, and cultivate the biotechnology talents needed by the industry.

Compared with other marine-related university in Taiwan, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology has their characteristics, like the interdisciplinary integration of marine resources biotechnology and chemistry application.

In teaching part, the department's full-time faculty includes professional teachers in the fields of marine life, embryo development, molecular biology, genomic and proteomics, biological information, biotechnology, materials science, nanotechnology, and analytical chemistry. Therefore, the expertise in marine biological resources and chemistry is particularly enhanced in the curriculum. In addition, the department also cooperated with the Academia Sinica to conduct Molecular Integrative Biology (MIB), and introduced the teachers and resources of the Academia Sinica, which made the students' learning space wider.

Mission and Educational Goals

The department has won the honor of the best department in 2006 and 2007. Many of the professors and staff of the department have been recognized as excellent teachers, excellent advisors and excellent administrative staff. At present, there are 15 Full-Time Professors in the department, 11 Joint-Appointment Professors in the Institute of Marine Biology, 12 Project Joint-Appointment Professors in the MIB program of Academia Sinica, and 6 Adjunct Professor. There are more than 44 doctoral-degree professors which are cross-disciplinary, comprehending the basics and applications in the Department!

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In order to achieve the educational goals, the department established a solid foundation course in life sciences and applied chemistry for students. In accordance with the students' interests and future development, the university students can freely choose the "biotechnology" or "marine biodiversity" course to strengthen their professional ability. The department also encourages outstanding bachelor students to apply the "Five-Year BA-MA Program ", which enables them to study continually for a shorter period of time to get both a bachelor and master degrees. The department has complete master degree and doctoral programs to strengthen students' professional skills in biotechnology and applied chemistry. The Institute also has a "Study Elite Class" and a "School of Industry and Education", giving the students who have a strong intention for research or learning to have the opportunity to challenge and improve themselves!

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The department actively provides innovative teaching methods, such as Interactive Response System, flipped classrooms, and problem-guided teaching method. In addition, the department's exclusive online teaching platform has been set up, including the audio-visual database for the main subjects, which can provide students previews and review online. Besides, the biochemistry course was excerpted by the Taiwan Open Course & Education Consortium. It has been well-received by self-study people in the society and recognized by the Northern Taiwan Teaching & Learning Resource Center. Rigorous, intensive-concern for students, pluralistic educational and high technology are the characteristics and goals of the department!


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