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Ms. Shu-Chun Kuo
  • Name: Ms. Shu-Chun Kuo
  • Position: Counseling psychologist
  • Tel: +886-2-24622192 Ext 2104
  • E-mail: vickie
  • Managed Affairs:
    • Psychological test, individual counseling, group counseling, assistance and support in emergency incident
    • To promote the Gender Equity Education
    • Recruiting and training volunteers
    • Assistant counselor
    • Workshops/movie theatre
    • Psychological health promotion
    • Class lectures
    • Homeroom teacher training
    • Offer Psychology Internship Training Program
    • Counseling for faculty and staff

Mrs. Shu-Lien Lin
  • Name: Mrs. Shu-Lien Lin
  • Position: Secretary
  • Tel: +886-2-2462-2192 Ext 5001
  • E-mail: shu
  • Managed Affairs:
    • To schedule an appointment of Dean. 
    • Verification and legalization of document.
    • Planning and Preparing for Meetings (Faculty evaluation, Faculty promotion review, Initial employment, Retirement Promotion) 
    • Planning and Preparing for Faculty Meetings such as Executive Board Meeting, College Affairs Council, Courses Meeting and so on. 
    • Planning and Preparing for Mentoring Evaluation Meetings 
    • Work report for School Administration Council and School Affairs Council 
    • Fire Safety promotion of College 
    • Program of Biotechnology and Program of Marine Biodiversity Affairs

Mr. Chih-Hung Hsu
  • Name: Mr. Chih-Hung Hsu
  • Position: Teaching Assistant
  • Tel: +886-2-2462-2192 Ext 5002
  • E-mail: chhsu
  • Managed Affairs:
    • Administration affairs for doctoral degree, activities related to academic affairs
    • Administration affairs for Fishermen's Association and built the website 
    • The production of College presentation in Chinese and English version, E-paper and College introduction
    • Administration affairs for Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 
    • Maintenance and Service Management of PCs in College and Fishermen's Association
    • Administration affairs for promoting the Fishermen's Association and Fisheries Extension Report
    • Management the security of network and entrance card control
    • Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology Affairs and the maintenance of website
    • Bachelor Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology Affairs and the maintenance of website