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Institute of Marine Biology

The Institute of Marine Biology was established in 1991 and offered doctoral degree in 1995. At the same year, the Institute has responsibility of teaching and assisting General Biology class and experiment course in NTOU.

Our courses are separated into requirement courses and elective courses, including five subjects: (1) Advanced Marine Biology, including behavior, physiology, biochemistry, cells, life history and so on. (2) Classification and geographical distribution of marine biological systems. (3) The ecology and evolution of marine organisms. (4) Conservation of marine living resources. (5) Application of marine organisms and environmental technology.

Regarding to teaching faculty, teachers specializes in Marine Plankton Ecology, Microbiology, Crustacean Biology, Ichthyology, Molecular Evolution, Cell Biology, Phycology, Mycology, and Virology. With expertise in physiology, behavioral, biochemical, molecular biology, statistics, genetics, IT, environment, ocean, teaching skill, our faculty could provide an integrated knowledge of marine organisms and promote faculty’s collaboration with each other in evaluation of ecology, resources and conservation in marine biology. We expected to raise the level of marine biology expertise in Taiwan and promote development in the field of marine biology.

Mission and Educational Goals   

Mission: The Institute aims to strengthen basic research in marine biology and cultivate the specialists to be high-level of proficiency which has had the potential to promote the cooperation among marine biology from both Taiwan and overseas. Besides, the direction of the development of the Institute is closely coordinated with the spirit of the government to establish a country. Our main goal is to cultivate high-level of proficiency talents with research skill, teaching skill and good ability in management. Thus, we encourage students to invest in marine taxonomy, ecology, life history, evolution, resource and conservation. We aim to inspire faculty and students to pursue and publish their research on international conference and journals, in order to become an internationally recognized famous research institute.

Education goals: Taiwan is an island state surrounded by sea that has an abundance of marine resources. Before that, overexploitation and overfishing lead the marine resource become destructed. Therefore, we widely and highly cultivate more and more research talents in marine taxonomy, ecology, life history, evolution, resources and conservation to revive Taiwan’s marine biology and marine ecological environment.


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The Institute of Marine Biology
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